Boris Johnson taunted online as he gets soaked with an umbrella


the prime minister was ridiculed for being soaked even though he had an umbrella.

Boris Johnson braved the weather to visit Surrey Police headquarters in Guildford on Tuesday to launch his new anti-crime policy.

Sir. Johnson used the interview to promise a broader use of public “chain gangs” to tackle yobs as he defended his approach to law and order in light of police anger over pay freezes.

But the politician received almost as much attention for his attempt to defy the weather.

Social media was inundated with the funny memes after the prime minister appeared to be completely soaked while standing under an umbrella in the clip circulating on Twitter.

A viewer said the sight of the prime minister “holding an umbrella but still soaking is about as appropriate a visual description of the man as you can get”.

Another wrote: “The biggest task Boris Johnson faces today is: learning to use an umbrella effectively.”


Others added: “Boris Johnson, holding an umbrella and his suit still getting soaked, is the funniest thing I’ve seen today.”

“Boris Johnson School of Umbrella Usage.”


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