Birthday boy Prince George has grown up on a must-see photo

It is hard to believe that it is already eight years since the world waited for the birth of the heirs to the British throne.

But as they say, time flies and Prince George8th birthday is just hours away. In honor of Prince William and Kate MiddletonHis firstborn and his special day on July 22, the couple have adhered to the recent tradition and released an official photograph of their son early to celebrate the event. And as has become tradition, mother Kate took the honor of taking the photographs of the young man, which she has been doing since his sixth birthday in 2019.

“Turns eight (!) Tomorrow,” said the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s official Instagram account snapshot of George blinking a foggy grin at the camera.

He posed for a Land Rover Defender, a clear tribute to the late Prince Philip, who died in April and had a well-documented affiliation with the vehicle.

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