Biden: ‘Nothing will be done’ if filibuster is abolished

When Biden was pressured by CNN’s Don Lemon about why filibusters are worth protecting, Biden said holding the filibuster is no more important than protecting voting rights. He said he believes his administration and Congress can pass the John Lewis suffrage law without imposing Senate rule – one that Biden has agreed, as former President Barack Obama put it, is a “relic of the Jim Crow era.”

He said abolishing the rule would give Republicans in Congress an excuse to spend time discussing the filibuster instead of passing his legislative agenda.

“There is no need to protect it, except that you will throw the whole Congress into chaos and nothing will be done. Nothing gets done at all. And a lot is at stake. The most important thing is the right to vote, ”said Biden. “Wouldn’t my friends, on the other hand, love having a debate about the filibuster instead of passing the Recovery Act?”

In recent months, several of the Senate’s 50 Democrats have expressed a willingness to abolish or change the filibuster as activists continued to put pressure on the White House to move out. The president’s reluctance to change has put him at odds with civil rights leaders, labor and social justice advocates, and a growing number of Democrats.

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