Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

A disappointed President Biden condemned China and Russia – the world’s largest and fourth largest CO2 emitters – for failing to appear at the UN 2021 climate conference, referred to as COP26, in Glasgow this week.

“I indicated that China and Russia are not showing up – and Saudi Arabia – is a problem,” Biden said.

Saudi Arabia attended the conference, but some have blamed its allegedly inadequate commitment to combating climate change. Observers also failed in the commitments made by Russia and China.

Critics have argued that international efforts to combat climate change, such as COP26, are inadequate or unserious because they often fail to hold some of the biggest emitters accountable. From 2019, according to Statistica, China was responsible for 27.92% of global emissions. The United States accounted for 14.5%, while India accounted for 7.17%, Russia for 4.6% and Saudi Arabia for 1.59%.


“We showed up, and by showing up, we’ve had a profound impact on the way I think the rest of the world looks at the United States and its leadership role,” Biden said of COP26.

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“I think it has been a big mistake, quite frankly, for China, in terms of China, not to show up,” the president added. “The rest of the world will look to China and say, ‘What value added are they providing?’ And they have lost the ability to influence people around the world and all the people here at the COP. to Russia. “

In terms of climate change, critics have accused China of breaking its promises. While Xi signed the Paris Climate Agreement and has promised to make the Middle Kingdom CO2-neutral by 2060, China has built several new coal-fired power plants nationally and internationally.


Biden went on to say that he is “not” concerned about an armed conflict “with China. He said he had told Chinese President Xi Jinping: “This is competition; it does not have to be conflict.” He also said he told Xi: “We expect them to play by the rules of the road.”

Steve Milloy, a former Trump-Pence EPA transitional member and founder of, mocked Biden’s warning to Xi.

“Biden’s slap by Chinese President Xi and Russian President Putin for failing to appear at COP26 is a sad indication of Biden’s inability to understand or accept the reality of reality,” Milloy told Fox News. “China wants to be the sole global superpower by 2049. Russia wants to get Europe hooked on its natural gas. So none of the countries have any interest in hampering its own economy with destructive climate rules.”

“Rather, it seems that Xi and Putin have taken Napoleon’s principle of never interfering with your opponent while destroying himself, which is exactly what the United States and Europe are doing with their suicidal embrace of climate idiocy, “Milloy added.

(Associated Press / Evan Vucci)

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