Benefits of Google 2021 trends: a ‘Google shopping-centric’ tack

Benefits of Google Trends 2021 with Google Shopping

Benefits of Google 2021 trends: a 'Google shopping-centric' tack

Benefits of Google 2021 trends: a ‘Google shopping-centric’ tack


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Google Trends and Google Shopping

Google trends 2021 is one of the many free tools that Google offers. Due to its functional utility and segmentation, the use of Google trends by retailers and buyers is quite popular!

A shopping funnel for breakthrough achievements, Google Shopping interaction is not a new concept. Introduced as Frogle in 2002, Google Shopping has since helped many retailers in the sales process. To sell on Google, the procedure is quite simple. Therefore, it can be easily adapted by new retailers in the market.

Google Trends in Asia Pacific

Two Decades Later, Google Trends talked about recently their journey in Asia-Pacific. This twenty-year milestone focuses on the best things that have happened. Whether it’s a ‘video game’ development or a necessity to run in an online business, Google in Asia-Pacific has opened numerous doors for retailers and shoppers.

Google Shopping is one such door!

A study suggests that more than 78% prefer to learn more about a product if it has a legit online presence!

A business must have an online store or online sales media. After the Covid-19 pandemic hite-commerce is leaning more towards digitization and virtual user experiences.

Google Trends Retail Benefits

Want to know more about the benefits of Google Shopping?

Read this blog!

Let’s take a look at some of the basic benefits of Google trends and how you can use them as a shopping tool. A special reference to Google Shopping is also made as below:

a) Global Discovery

Google trends show results at both local and global level, ie one can enter a search query and choose the interest of the result, region by region. If it’s your first time selling online or on Google Shopping, you’ve made a wise choice!

Google Shopping can help improve visibility because it uses a global approach. This means that your products can be viewed worldwide by any target audience.

It is estimated that digital buying will be in 2021 actively used by more than 2 billion people! Google Shopping follows a real-time search trend, ie based on a shopper’s query, they’ll see the same results.

Even if you don’t have an online website, you can still ‘trade’ via Buy on Google! Showcase your products and provide customer support without leaving the former website.

b) Leads to more sales

Google is an SEO expert and that was turned out too!

Google Trends 2021 will definitely show the topics trending. This can help retailers select their target audience. Through targeted selection and visualization of products. Most items on Google Shopping are: ‘supported’ by it.

This not only generates more clicks but also more (converted) leads.

Google trends can show product results from entrepreneurs and small businesses. A Google warranty on products, by local/small businesses, increases buyer confidence.

This also bridges the gap of ‘uncertainty’ between the quality of a product and the buyer.

So once a shopper comes across such products through Google trends, they may be more inclined to choose the “Google Warranty” item rather than the item without.

c) Room for innovation

A competitive market is said to improve growth and enhance creativity. Google Trends 2021 can help you with that!

Comparative trends can increase retailer confidence. To increase sales and create better products. All these factors are adjusted daily. Flexible customization may be one of the few keys to staying ahead of your competitors.

Trends gives you the chance to compare with more than three competitors.

For example, during New Year’s Eve, most people decide to adopt New Year’s resolutions. Healthy food is a common problem! People all over the world are looking for topics like keto, plant-based diet, and intermittent fasting. Such trends are at their peak at that time.

Therefore, it is a good opportunity for retailers to plan their sales strategy for the holiday season in advance or afterwards.

d) Proactive seasonal and festive moves

Google Trends projects its purpose through its name. The events and topics that are “trending” over a period of time are taken over by Google. Those results later find their way into the search results of different regions.

Retailers can benefit from this Google trends function. Discounts and offers on products during a holiday, a festive countdown on your website for such deals or a simple festive promotion!

As a retailer, you can keep up with the regulated ‘trends’ and keep up with the competition.

e) Holistic development

With ‘simple equation’ as discussed above, Google trends 2021 will also help you locate competition and compare geographically. You can segment your sales from local to international level.

Google has changed their policies to make list of products free and visible on all Google platforms. This is a golden opportunity for all new retailers. It is also a reminder for old retailers to update their products and services.

That’s why Google Shopping can help your business grow. It can also lead to a better conversion rate.


Now you know the benefits of Google trends and how easy it is to sell with Google Shopping!

Being Google’s partner, CedCommerce can go further help you simplify the process of sales on Google Shopping.

With a specific focus on Google trends, selling on Google can work for your business at an accelerated pace.

Let’s get into it and start selling!

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