Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

DICE has released another patch in hopes of getting better Battlefield 2042, and this time it’s most dedicated to fixing some of the game’s long-standing flaws and introducing some small quality-of-life upgrades. The patch was released on Wednesday along with a major patch note post reviewing all the changes DICE has made to the game.

One of the biggest changes is a UI update designed to make a few important information much clearer. After the update, players who have been shut down will be able to see if there are players within 50 yards of them; that way they know if anyone might be able to revive them. The game will also show the defunct player if their reviver pings that they are on their way. Also useful, Battlefield 2042‘s HUD will now display an icon over friendly players’ heads if they need additional ammo or healing. That way, you can help them if you have the item in question equipped.

DICE also updated the game’s attachments to make them less cumbersome, including the in-game Plus Menu, which is used to modify in-game attachments. The patch notes do not describe exactly what the developer changed, but they do say that it should require fewer keystrokes to make important changes now.

The patch also includes dozens of bug fixes and other minor improvements. Invitations across platforms should be more consistent now, along with matchmaking as a whole. The game’s menus should also work more smoothly, especially when switching out of a multiplayer game.

While there are well over 100 improvements, tweaks, upgrades and fixes in Battlefield 2042‘s Update 3, it’s worth noting that some of the players’ most requested features are still not there. The patch does not implement a complete scoreboard, nor does it add voice chat to the game. The patch notes also do not contain any details about when any of the features may be available.

To see all the changes, you can find the full update 3 patch notes on the Electronic Arts’ Battlefield website.

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