Baker is looking for an apartment in New York City with a kitchen large enough to fit his needs

Dream room

Dream room

In this episode of In The Know: Find My Dream Room, host Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) helps Buki, a baker who wants to move from a studio apartment in New Jersey to Manhattan, find his ideal apartment. Buki is looking for a unit with a large kitchen and ample living space for a budget between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000. Can Will do some real estate magic for Buki? Let’s find out!

The first apartment Will shows, Buki is a studio that rents for $ 1,900 a month. The cozy, 300-square-foot studio is under Buki’s budget, but Buki was not thrilled with the size of the apartment, including the small stove, though he liked the bathroom and felt that the overall look was “cute.”

Apartment number two is a 2-bedroom unit for $ 3,000 a month. The unit is at the top end of Buki’s budget and the kitchen is charming, but it’s a bit small for Buki’s taste. However, Buki likes that the unit has an extra bedroom that can be used as office space or for storing extra baking items. He also likes the many windows and the size of the home, but has a hard time overseeing the small kitchen.

The third unit is a 1-bedroom apartment that is rented for $ 1,800 a month. Buki likes the French doors leading into the bedroom and is also impressed with the closet space. Although the kitchen is small, it has a huge sink, which Buki considers a big plus.

A month later, Buki reveals that he is still on the hunt for his dream apartment in NYC. Although he did not end up going with any of the devices he saw with Will, he says he will use the valuable advice Will shared with him during their visit to find the perfect place.

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