Eating Habits You Must Give Up For Clearer Skin, Say Dietitians – Eat This Not That

These foods keep you looking young, these supplements may promote better skin, and these foods give you glowing skin, but can certain habits wreak havoc on clear skin? You betcha. “From food choices to eating habits, these can all impact your skin negatively. Oftentimes, skin issues are connected to inflammation, poor gut health, and / … Read more

Pittsburgh market has seen the most ads in high-stakes Senate race

The Pittsburgh television market has been flooded with more campaign ads in Pennsylvania’s high-stakes US Senate race than any other market in the state, according to data obtained by the Tribune-Review. So far, all of the ads are from Republicans. Advertising data obtained by the Trib shows the Pittsburgh market received 18,074 Gross Rating Points … Read more

Student Elizabeth Howell in the ‘wrong place, wrong time’: parents

The heartbroken parents of murdered SUNY Potsdam student Elizabeth Howell said their daughter was likely a random victim in the “wrong place, wrong time” when she was gunned down just off campus. “She was the type of person that did not have enemies, and certainly no one that would want to kill her. As soon … Read more

Cleanup crews replace protesters in downtown Ottawa as heavy police presence remains

SIU investigating two cases where police tried to clear protesters from Ottawa streets. Ottawa’s interim police chief will provide an update at 3:30 pm Police continue to warn people to avoid the downtown core. Clean-up crews are removing garbage, signs left behind after protest. Mayor Jim Watson suggests towed vehicles should be sold to help … Read more

‘Delightful’ bird paintings by Susan Lester to be celebrated in the book that nearly never was

When media magnate Edmund Rouse was embroiled in a political scandal and jailed for attempted bribery in 1989, it sent his businesses into turmoil. One lesser-known victim of Rouse’s demise was budding artist Susan Lester, who was commissioned by the businessman to paint 200 detailed Tasmanian birds to be published as a special two-volume book … Read more

Labor accuses Boris Johnson of creating a ‘cash-for-access culture’ | Anneliese Dodds

Labor has accused Boris Johnson of creating a “cash-for-access culture” in the Conservative party after it emerged that a secret advisory board of wealthy donors were regularly invited to private briefings with the prime minister and his top team. Concerns were raised when the Sunday Times reported that members of the board, whose investments spanned … Read more

Israeli PM: Iran nuke deal will bring ‘more violent’ Mideast

JERUSALEM – Israel’s prime minister on Sunday criticized an emerging deal over Iran’s nuclear program, saying it would be weaker than a previous agreement and would create a “more violent, more volatile Middle East.” World powers have been negotiating in Vienna in a bid to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, which was left in tatters … Read more