Australian World Orchestra (Canberra)

When an orchestra with the standing and excellent of the Australian World Orchestra comes to town, it is both surprising and disappointing if the town does not turn out to be full house to welcome them.

Around 500 made Llewellyn Hall with 1,500 seats look a little thin for a concert with a big WOW factor. Still, there was a party with other fine concerts in Canberra over the next week or so, including the premiere of Christopher Latham’s epic
Vietnam Requiem on the weekends, so perhaps the practicality of calendars or wallets (or both) has neglected attendance.

Alexander Briger conducts the Australian World Orchestra in Sydney, 2021. Photo © Ken Leanfore

AWO celebrated its 10th anniversary and opened the program under the direction of its musical and artistic director, Alexander Briger, with a nod to another birthday – postponed as from last year by a pandemic – Beethoven’s 250. Hans
CoriolanOverture was well chosen in the program, for its drama and intensity was a foretaste of what was to come.

From memory, Briger took the tempo maybe just a little bit slowly, but the players, led by Concertmaster in the first half of the concert, Katherine Lukey, …

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