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“Several hundred” still need to be evacuated from Afghanistan, says foreign minister

Australian Foreign Minister, Marise Payne, has confirmed that Australia is still working to evacuate “hundreds more” of locally engaged staff, Australian citizens, residents and their families from Afghanistan.

About 1,300 have been brought to Australia since 2013, including 400 since April – but the Australian government has been criticized for being too slow to help the rest.

Payne said Australia is working with the United States, which is trying to secure Kabul’s airport, and the first Australian defense force flight is on its way. But when asked if everyone would cope, Payne replied that it is an “extremely difficult situation” due to “safety issues and lack of on-site events”.

As for the 4,200 Afghans in Australia on temporary visas and 53 in immigration prisons, Payne told ABC’s AM:

All Afghans in Australia with temporary visas will be supported by the Australian Government and no Afghan visa holders will be asked to return to Afghanistan at this time. And that is something we have discussed as a government.


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The Australian government has been accused of waiting too long to organize a military evacuation mission to Afghanistan as it sends 250 defense forces to the region in a final attempt to help people flee the Taliban.

Amid shock over Kabul’s fall to the Taliban, the Australian government promised to “continue working with key partners in the coming days” to seek the safe passage of more than 130 Australians into the country along with Afghan nationals working with its troops and diplomats and humanitarian visa holders.

After chaotic scenes at Kabul International Airport, one of the few places not under Taliban control, the Australian government updated its travel advice and told citizens not to “go to the airport unless the Australian government had told it”.

Afghan nationals who previously worked at the Australian embassy are hiding across the captured capital, fearing the retaliation of a resurgent Taliban. Supporters of the former workers say they are rapidly losing confidence in the Australian government.

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The new ACT school campus reportedly detects Covid-19 cases

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Two-thirds of parents are concerned that lockdowns are affecting their children’s mental health, and half are concerned about new behavioral problems, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll.

The survey of 1,100 people has also found strong support for the government to keep employers delivering Covid-19 vaccinations to their employees through workplace vaccination programs — something that is being pressured by the industry but which Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ruled out.

With New South Wales in its eighth lockdown week, and Victoria and ACT both hitting with a two-week extension on Monday, the latest snapshot of national sentiment reveals ongoing resilience among the adult population but growing concern over the impact of lockdowns on children .

Delta outbreaks across the country have forced more than 16 million Australians to shut down, and the Essential survey suggests that 65% of people are concerned about the impact on their children’s mental well-being – a six percentage point increase over a month ago since.

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The EPA investigated over Victorian tunnel toxic soil dumping sites

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Victoria registers 24 local Covid-19 cases

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