Australia Covid live news update: NSW records 452 new cases, Victoria 24; nation on edge as more than 13 million under lockdown | Australia news

Yes, there is. We have a lot of experience with last year’s epidemic and this year’s Delta epidemic about what the risk settings are for people to get transmission of infection from Covid, so the information is that from talking to cases and looking at contacts and who become infected, that the greatest risk is your household. The second greatest risk is people visiting a household where there is a business.

So we may still see people inadvertently, or not realize that it is so dangerous to visit someone’s household when there is a case. The next most worrisome place for transmission is a workplace.

We see, as we have reported many times, workplaces, especially factories, manufacturing, where there are a lot of people in the workplace and that’s why it’s so important to make sure every workplace has a good Covid safety plan.

So we know there are some pretty low risk settings that we just don’t see much transmission in, like supermarkets, malls and so on. So we are now consciously prioritizing locations in the metropolitan area or places where people have been in households, in other households, not in their own household, in workplaces and in high-risk environments such as hospitals, aged care facilities, educational institutions, including childcare facilities.


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