Arcade1Up Heads To Springfield With A New ‘The Simpsons’ Arcade – Review Geek


In arguably the worst kept secret in Arcade1Up’s history, the company today announced its latest arcade cabinet. Sing it with me! Thhhhhee Siiiiiiimpsoooooons! You can pre-order The Simpsons on August 16, and there’s even a second game on the way.

Unfortunately, Arcade1Up won’t confirm the second game until later. But it will undoubtedly use the trackball that this machine has in the middle of the controls. However, we know all about the first game, and it’s the classic The Simpsons arcade game from 1991. This machine has four sets of controls, so you can play all your favorite characters, Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa.

A Simpsons arcade machine next to a matching stool.

But if you can’t argue with three friends to play with, that’s fine. Arcade1Up has added a new trick to an old machine: Wi-Fi capabilities and online play. And that’s not all; In addition to the usual artwork modeled after the original machine, matching riser and lighted tent, this set comes with some extras. It includes a matching stool and a pewter wall plate in the box. And the whole thing uses Arcade1Up’s latest machine design, including molded fake coin doors.

Arcade1Up is not yet revealing prices, release date or what the second game will be. But you can sign up at the company website to get notified when pre-orders open.

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