Andrew Yang votes for New York Mayor for the first time

Once a frontrunner to become the next mayor of New York himself, Andrew Yang’s voting record became under intense scrutiny during his campaign: In the more than 20 years he lived in the city, he had never voted in a mayoral election.

But on Tuesday, he cast his vote for the first time for the position he once applied for, he said on Twitter.

Mr. Yang, who finished fourth in the Democratic primary, did not respond to a text message from a New York Times reporter asking if Eric Adams, the Democratic candidate, had received his vote.

Mr. Yang and Mr. Adams often swapped tough attacks during the primary season, and their tensions resulted in the race’s clearest rivalry. Mr. Yang also announced last month that he had chosen to leave the Democratic Party and become independent.

He had previously argued that his lack of participation in local elections was not out of the ordinary, but reflected the feelings of many New Yorkers who do not see urban politics as essential or the key to shaping issues that affect them on a daily basis.

Although Mr. Yang’s voice remained unclear, declaring several other former competitors of Mr. Adams their support for the former police officer.

Maya Wiley, the lawyer and former MSNBC analyst who finished third in the Democratic primary, said she voted early for Mr. Adam’s Sunday.

The two had clashed over issues of public safety and police during the race. But Mrs Wiley said during her concession speech in July that Mr Adams’ election as the city’s second black mayor would make sense.

Kathryn Garcia, who finished in second place, has also supported Mr. Adams.

Katie Glueck contributed with reporting.

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