Activists against antivaccine passports are targeting restaurants in Yaletown in the middle of the food festival

Earlier in the week has Just reported on organized efforts by anti-vaccine passport activists to target Metro Vancouver’s restaurant sector.

Today, it looks like they are preparing to reset at Yaletown, which is home to many eateries.

The protesters begin with a “Vancouver Freedom Picnic” at David Lam Park.

A poster on a Facebook page under the name Chris Vee reads: “If we can not eat inside, I think we should just sit outside!”

Vee’s Facebook page also includes a map of Yaletown showing a long list of restaurants.

It suggests that some of these eateries will be in focus for a “red team” while others are on a list for a “blue team”.

This photo appears on a Facebook page under the name Chris Vee.

There is no biographical information about Chris Vee on this page. He posts anti-vaccine passport videos from different cities on another site.

Yaletown restaurants, like others across the country, have suffered a huge economic downturn as a result of the pandemic. On October 1, the Yaletown Business Association brought back the Taste of Yaletown, a month-long festival designed to encourage diners to eat in the neighborhood.

Now it appears that the protesters against vaccine passports want to overthrow the party.

This week, a post by another member of the movement, Yvonne Sunshiney Coelho, also featured “Vancouver Freedom Picnic.”

One commenter, Lisa Do Fonzo, asked: “Are we then moving to the mainland and the Yaletown area to sit in front of restaurants? I hope so!”

Coelho replied that “The Great Awakening of the People is here in 2021. #epic”

Another commentator, Joel Brown, followed up by highlighting “how desperate they are to contain a mass awakening”.

“When people realize our entire history, our reality, our medicine, our media and more have been ruled and politicized by an elitist empire waging war against us and God, then there is no going back,” Brown wrote.

Vee was among the 19 people who liked or disliked Brown’s posts.

A 20th person, Jack Hummell, stated that he liked the position.

Earlier this summer, Hummell posted the following message on his Facebook page declaring a belief in murder under certain circumstances, including masking or vaccinating children.

This message was posted this summer on the Facebook page of activist Jack Hummell for antivaccine passports.

This week, published a non-scientific online poll asking the following questions: “Should the BC government legislate an exclusion zone to protect restaurant staff from anti-vaccine passport protests?”

At the time of writing, 77 percent of those who answered “yes”.

To date, the BC government has shown no interest in creating bubble zones around restaurants.

According to a provincial health ordinance, these companies must confirm that patrons have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be admitted on the spot. Business owners have no choice but to ask for this proof if they do not want to risk losing their provincial liquor licenses.


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