Sat. Jan 15th, 2022

“She said he would love me and that I was exactly the kind of person he would help,” Kate said.

Weeks later, Mrs Maxwell invited Kate to her home, where Mr Epstein was sitting in the living room in sweatpants, Kate told the jury. Ms. Maxwell urged Kate to give Mr. Epstein’s foot “a little hug” to show him how strong she was, and Mr. Epstein said, “Oh, you can go ahead and do my shoulders.”

Shortly after, Ms. Maxwell to Kate with an urgent request, Kate remembered: Mr. Epstein was there and his masseur had canceled – would she be able to fill in?

Kate went to Mrs. Maxwell’s home, where Mr. Epstein was waiting in a dimly lit room. He initiated sexual contact with Kate and they engaged in a sex act during the massage, Kate testified.

Kate said she continued to see Mr Epstein and Mrs Maxwell several times a year. She kept in touch with Ms. Maxwell on the phone, she said, and Ms. Maxwell often raised sexual issues, including how “demanding Jeffrey was.”

Mrs. Maxwell once asked if she knew anyone who could come over to perform a sex act on Mr. Epstein, “because it was a lot for her to do,” Kate testified. Ms. Maxwell also told her that Mr. Epstein liked “cute, young, beautiful” girls like Kate, and that he “needed to have sex about three times a day.”

When Kate was asked to describe Mrs. Maxwell’s behavior when she wanted to talk about sexual topics, Kate said, “Everything seemed like a funny, silly joke.”

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