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We look forward to November’s must-see shows and give you our selection of the flock.

1. Europas Hogarths

Hogarth’s Marriage-A-La-Mode. Copyright The National Gallery, London.

Whether it’s a drunk woman letting her baby fall to her death, or a man’s fall from grace in ‘A Rake’s Progress’, no one captured 18th – century British life like William Hogarth, whose paintings are filled with witty and biting observations. But were there equivalents to Hogarth on the continent? Tate Britain uncovers some of his contemporaries from Paris, Amsterdam and Venice so we can compare how he was compared to his European counterparts.

Hogarth and Europe at Tate Britain. November 3, 2021-20. March 2022, £ 18.

2. The night is coming for us

Copyright Suzanne Moxhay.

When the dark winter evenings draw in, is the night something to fear or a time for discovery? Are the shadows scary, or is there magic in poorly lit rooms? This small exhibition brings together four artists who draw inspiration from the night, including Suzanne Moxhay’s moth dancing in a candle flame, and Carolein Smith’s ceramic sculptures of bats and a skeleton under a blanket of stars. The night can be dark and full of horrors, but it is also home to some magical moments.

Nyctophilia at the James Freeman Gallery. 4-27 November 2021, free.

Powerful portrait images

Copyright David Prichard

With the National Portrait Gallery closed for renovation, this year’s annual Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize features a new South Kensington home on Cromwell Place. This year’s show, which depicts people lost in thought or at their most vulnerable, includes residents of Fukushima, who are still in exile from their homes, and traumas that native women have suffered in Australia.

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at Cromwell Place. 10 November 2021- 2 January 2022, £ 8.

4. Ancient Peru

A golden llama. © 2021 The Trustees of the British Museum

Think Peruvian history, and most people think of the Incas. However, they are classified as relatively new in the area’s history, as many civilizations preceded them for thousands of years. The British Museum uses over 120 objects, including a 2,500-year-old golden headdress and a striking ceremonial drum, to shed light on the people of Peru, how they survived in the difficult Andean environment at high altitude and their fascinating cultures.

Peru: A journey through time at the British Museum. November 11, 2021-20. February 2022, £ 15.

5. Lush landscapes

A wooden tunnel in Halnaker, West Sussex. Copyright. Mara Leite.

Everyone loves a stunningly beautiful landscape, whether it is freshly fallen snow across a field or the sun setting over some rolling hills. Some of Britain’s most spectacular landscapes have been captured by hugely talented photographers, and the winners and shortlisted works are all on display at London Bridge station, giving us something to stare at in awe as we wait for our train.

Landscape photographer of the year at London Bridge station. November 15, 2021-9. January 2022, free.

6. Ancient Greek wisdom

A gold headgear. Copyright Benaki Museum, Athens.

Modern science, mathematics, and philosophy owe much to all the ancient Greeks. They believed in challenging accepted norms and putting forward bold new ideas to be debated. Using sculptures, musical instruments and artifacts, the Science Museum transports us thousands of years back to look at ancient Greek civilizations and the advances in art and science that emerged in that era.

Ancient Greeks: Science and Wisdom at the Science Museum. November 17, 2021-5. June 2022, free.

7. Courtauld Gallery is back

Photo: Benedict Johnson.

It has been closed for over three years due to a major refurbishment, and now one of London’s most beloved art galleries is opening its doors again. It’s a chance to revisit one of the most impressive collections of Impressionist artwork, now in new galleries, as well as 18th – century paintings and new premises dedicated to 20th – century art and the locally based Bloomsbury Group.

Courtauld Gallery reopens. November 19 onwards, £ 9.

8. Egg-cited

The intricately detailed Moscow Kremlin egg. Copyright Moscow Kremlin Museums.

V&A shows us that there is much more to Fabergé’s history and brand than just its famous eggs – even though lots of the glittering balls appear. This blockbuster show, which charts Carl Fabergé’s history and uses over 200 objects, tells the story of how the Russian brand became the epitome of elegance and craftsmanship, and its journey to London, where it established an outpost on New Bond Street. There’s a lot of egg-supervision for this egg-quoting show … we’ll stop now.

Fabergé in London: Romance to Revolution at V&A. November 20, 2021-8. May 2022, £ 18.

9. German Renaissance man

Dürer’s painting of a lion. © Foto Scala, Firenze / bpk, image agency for art, culture and history, Berlin / photo: Christoph Irrgang

The life of the German painter Albrecht Dürer is mapped through his art in a show at the National Gallery, which includes over 100 of his paintings, prints and drawings. It shows how his life and work as a Renaissance painter developed while traveling, and drew inspiration from other artists in both Northern and Southern Europe to develop his technique and style.

The Credit Suisse exhibition: Dürer’s journey at the National Gallery. November 20, 2021-27. February 2022, £ 20.

Short-term events and art fairs

An earlier edition of Roy’s Art Fair.

Whether it’s a fantastic dining table or an armor, the Olympia Winter Art & Antiques Fair (November 2-7, £ 21) have you covered with international specialist retailers coming to London to sell you their goods.

If contemporary art fairs are floating your boat, head down to Roy’s Art Fair at the Oxo Bargehouse (November 25-28, free) to meet and buy from some excellent artists. We have picked up several affordable jewelry at the last trade show so it has got our stamp.

For those who want to venture inside the artist’s studio, south – west London is where it is, with two open studios where you can chat with artists in their creative space and potentially buy some works. Wimbledon Art Fair (November 18-21, free) and Delta House Open Studios (13-14 & 20-21 November, free) is across the road from each other, so there are more than 150 artists across the two venues.


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