7 states report growth in Covid numbers; Saturday almost breaks the record

Federal health officials said a further 7,172 new Covid-19 cases were reported Monday as the third wave of coronavirus continues to show steady growth.

272 deaths and 133,866 active cases were reported on Monday.

The total accumulated cases now come to 3,108 million and deaths, 248,652.

Mexico recorded 23,642 new cases on Saturday, the second-largest increase in a day since the pandemic began, along with 753 deaths.

Sunday saw 9,295 new cases and 213 deaths.

Meanwhile, seven states have been particularly affected by increases in new cases in recent days.

IN San Luis Potosi, The Ministry of Health declared on Sunday that the state was now red on the card with stoplights for coronavirus, a decision driven by hospitalization, deaths and new case numbers.

Health Minister Miguel Ángel Lutzow Steiner said the state was currently at its worst stage yet in the third wave of Covid-19. He said the pandemic is now affecting more children and young people.

A record 932 new cases in 24 hours were reported on Sunday.

• Health officials in Oaxaca confirmed Sunday that covid-19 cases have increased in four regions of the state, with hospitals reporting an occupancy rate of 70% -90%.

Of the 2,750 active cases, 90% were concentrated in the central valleys, the Papaloapan basin, the Isthmus in Tehuantepec and the coast.

A vaccination center in Colima.

Of the 471 hospital beds available for coronavirus patients, 340 were occupied from Saturday afternoon.

The average number of patients admitted daily due to coronavirus complications rose from 140 in April to 326 so far in August, according to state health data.

The number of hospitals with 100% occupancy reached 25 on Friday.

Officials warned that observing preventive health measures and vaccination was a matter of “life and death”.

• The numbers have also skyrocketed Guanajuato, where 3,088 people have tested positive in the last six days. León is experiencing the worst with 980 new cases between 10 and 15 August. In one week, there were 21 deaths, while the total state was 65 in the same period.

Other hot spots are Irapuato and Celaya.

Every day, an average of 500 new cases are reported across the state.

• I Tamaulipas, a dry law went into effect Monday, and new restrictions were announced for businesses after the state registered more than 600 new cases in a 24-hour period, the largest increase in a day in new cases since the pandemic began.

On Sunday night, there were 4,191 active cases.

A state dry law is now in force on weekends.

Hidalgo Health Minister Efraín Benítez Herrera warned that his state is in a critical situation, affecting a total of 505 cases in one day.

• New case numbers in Colima set a new daily record on Saturday exceeding 500 for the first time.

The 515 new cases bring the total amount to 19,735.

Work is underway to convert more hospitals to accommodate Covid patients and to make an additional 200 beds available.

Colima and Manzanillo are the municipalities with the highest number of new cases, each with 142 and 3,850 active cases.

• Daily case numbers also broke records Nayarit at 498. The highest number of active cases was reported in Tepic, with 198, and Bahía de Banderas with 156.

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