4-year-old Cleo Smith found after abduction from campground

The little girl who disappeared from an Australian campsite was found “alive and well” at the home of a male suspect who was arrested.

Cleo Smith, 4, was discovered in a house in Carnarvon early Wednesday morning after police broke into the locked home and found her in one of its rooms, according to The Guardian.

“One of the officers picked her up in his arms and asked her, ‘What’s your name?'” Deputy Commissioner Colonel Blanch told the newspaper. “She said, ‘My name is Cleo.'”

Smith’s disappearance from the nearby Blowholes campground on Oct. 16 led to a task force of more than 100 officers searching the area for signs of her.

Her mother saw Cleo late that morning when she woke up and asked for water. Five hours later, she and her sleeping bag had disappeared from the family tent.

Ellie Smith on the left and her partner Jake Gliddon show a picture of their missing daughter.
Ellie Smith, left, and her partner Jake Gliddon were camping with Cleo when the four-year-old was taken from the campground by an unidentified man.
AP / James Carmody
Police are searching through materials and looking for evidence in the hunt for the now-found Cleo Smith.
The search for Cleo Smith continued for two weeks before the baby took place in a house in Carnarvon.

“As we passed the partition, I went into the other room and the zipper was open,” her mother, Ellie Smith, told reporters. “I turned to [my partner] Jake and just said, ‘Cleo is gone.’

“This is the result we all hoped and prayed for,” Blanch reportedly said, citing “some incredible police work.”

Word of Smith’s discovery was celebrated across the country.

“What a wonderful, lightening news,” said Prime Minister Scott Morrison tweeted Tuesday.

Police are searching for evidence in search of the now-found Cleo Smith.
The suspect in the abduction is still being investigated by the authorities as more information about the case unfolds.

“Cleo Smith has been found and is at home safe and sound. Our prayers were answered. Thanks to the many police officers involved in finding Cleo and supporting her family. ”

The suspect in the abduction was still being investigated by police.

“We want more to say about the rescue of Cleo as the day progresses,” Blanch reportedly said. “For now – welcome home Cleo.”


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