Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

A silence before the storm settles over us as we wake up to the Sun of Scorpio and the Moon of Libra encouraging us to enjoy the moment without rushing things further.

While we are still falling into a deeper Scorpio energy today, we are on a break in our current history, especially for the three zodiac signs, which will have a great day on November 4, 2021.

Just a day away from the Super New Moon in Scorpio, which will affect Uranus and cause unexpected shock waves to wave over our lives for the next six months and also a major change in Venus, which will affect the next four months of our lives.

We can feel something brewing in the air, and for those of us who are empathetic or intuitive, we can instinctively feel that there is a change ahead.

Often the hardest place to be is to know that things will change, not to know when, but also not to rush to make them happen.

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Luckily for a few zodiac signs that will have a great day on Wednesday, this break or a moment of breathing will allow us to enjoy what the current reality is so we can rest up for what is to come.


By Victor

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