3 players we are most excited to see against the Brooklyn Nets

Los Angeles Lakers Austin Reaves

(Photo by Mitchell Layton / Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are finally back in action Sunday as they open the preseason against the Brooklyn Nets. There’s still a long way to go for a meaningful basketball, and we will not see the usual Lakers in the preseason, but it’s exciting nonetheless.

The training camp list is 20 players, and of course there will be players who play most of this game who will not even get on the list. However, there are players who come on the list and become exciting to watch.

Three Los Angeles Lakers we are excited to see vs. Brooklyn Nets

1. Austin Reaves

The newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers, touted rookie Austin Reaves, has been nicknamed Hillbilly Kobe, so you know we’m excited to see him play. The reality of the situation is that Reaves is not going to have much of an impact on the team this year, but he has every chance of being yet another Lakers hidden gem.

While Reaves’ three-point shot needs work, his ability to create his own college-level shot was really high. He is also an extremely motor player who pushes himself on every single game. Pre-season games can be dull, so that will be a welcome sign.

It would not be at all surprising if Reaves ends up being the biggest standout at the Lakers in the entire preseason. In that case, it starts with a strong game against the Nets to open the preseason.

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