Queensland feral cat found with bandicoot and crow in stomach

Startling findings have been made inside the stomach of a giant wild animal that was likened to a puma after being sighted earlier this year.

The enormous feral cat was spotted near settlements on Moreton Island, off the coast of southeastern Queensland, in April, and it was captured in July.

An investigation of its stomach contents has now revealed the caliber of meals the animal indulged in.

On the menu for the almost seven kilogram “Tangalooma puma” before its capture was a crow and a bandicoot, Brisbane City Council told news.com.au.

A Tangalooma Island Resort eco ranger and Brisbane City Council officer gave the wild animal the name after its initial sighting.

The council officer said the name became popular among locals after they discovered how large it was.

Some may have been unsurprised to learn a bandicoot, which can weigh up to 1.5kg, was one of its final snacks.

While the bandicoot was found in the cat’s intestine, the crow, which may have also been a raven, was found in its stomach.

The locations indicated they both had been consumed about 48 hours before the cat was captured.

The cat was originally suspected to be in the area due to droppings spotted by the eco ranger while conducting a tour for children learning about Aboriginal history on Moreton Island/Mulgumpic.

The ranger then sought training on setting up a humane trap before setting one up.

They used bird winds, a suspended CD, cat urine and a rubber line leg hold trap.

The pest was ultimately euthanized by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

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