Melbourne: Terrifying moment girl almost mowed down

A little girl narrowly avoided being run down after suddenly bursting into a Melbourne road.

The driver of the car was on their way home when they suddenly had to take evasive action. Dashcam footage shows the car driving on a seemingly peaceful suburban road when the young girl darts out of the reach of their parent and into the road.

Thankfully, the driver swerved just in time to avoid crashing into the young girl in what could have been a horrific disaster.

Viewers of the video were left shocked.

One commented: “Hold your kids hands people. It’s not hard to do.”

While another said: “I was waiting for a car crash, didn’t expect that, luckily you were able to avoid them. That’s way too close for comfort.”

A third wrote: “Almost 4 lives ruined there in less than a second.”

“Luckily there was no one to OP’s (original poster) right. Bunch of ways this could have ended differently. “

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