Suspension of Bonavista Emergency Services Adds to Health Care ‘Disaster’: Mayor

Suspension of Bonavista Emergency Services Adds to Health Care 'Disaster': Mayor

(Photo via Eastern Health.)

Emergency services at the Bonavista Peninsula Health Center will be temporarily suspended for the next day or so due to what Eastern Health calls “human resource challenges.”

Officials say the emergency room will be closed from 8 am Thursday until 8 am Friday.

People requiring emergency services are asked to call 911 or travel to the nearest emergency department in Clarenville.

Anyone scheduled for chemotherapy will also have to travel to Clarenville during that time.

There is no change in location for patients with scheduled appointments at family practice clinics at this time.

Bonavista Mayor John Norman says the situation has graduated from a crisis to a health care disaster.

“Lives are going to be at risk when our emergency department closes and diverts people 1.5 hours away to Clarenville,” he stated in a Facebook post.

“We have had physician coverage in Bonavista and area since the 1880s, and now after 140 years we have no emergency care in Bonavista available this Thursday, with unknown coverage for the coming months. The public is demanding answers. ”

Norman is urging anyone concerned with the situation to attend a meeting on the issue next Tuesday, June 28th, at 6 pm at the Garrick Theater.

“This is no longer a health care crisis, it is a health care disaster,” says Norman.

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