Women stormed the 2022 election in numbers too big to ignore: What has Labor pledged on gender?

Women were everywhere and nowhere in the 2022 federal election.

The message from the weekend’s vote was that the things that really matter to women and their communities matter at the ballot box, too. Even if they were not part of the conversations the major parties were having.

We know that women have been trending away from the Liberal Party for almost 40 years. And we also know polls suggest women care about climate change more than men and, of course, we know they care about being respected and living in safety.


Big wins across the country

The most conspicuous winners on Saturday night were the so-called teal candidates.

From Zoe Daniel and Monique Ryan in Melbourne to Zali Stegall, Sophie Scamps, Kylea Tink and Allegra Spender in Sydney and Kate Chaney in Perth, politics-as-usual is being revolutionized by independent women.

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