LTN resident forced to pay £ 300 to bailiffs after council sent penalty notice to wrong address

A spokesman for Marston Holdings, the parent company of Marston Recovery, said: “The enforcement stage fee was removed during the visit in recognition of the customer’s frustration regarding their address.

“After reviewing Body Worn Video footage of the visit we did not uphold complaints against the enforcement agent’s conduct, but offered a goodwill payment in an effort to resolve the complaint. All complainants can have their case reviewed by our Independent Advisory Group, and we have chosen to refer this case to them ourselves ”.

Southwark Council said it was sent two different addresses by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and the system is automated.

A DVLA spokesman said it was only a record-keeper and could not explain the error further due to data protection laws. A DVLA source suggested the former owner of the vehicle may have registered an incorrect address.

But Ms Zoccola accused the council of creating a “trap” in the picturesque Dulwich suburb so they can receive “financial gain from people driving through without realizing”.

She said that neither she nor her father had changed any car registration details with the DVLA or the council or entered anything incorrectly. “It does not make sense – it has to be a mistake, the wrong address was too similar for it not to be an input error,” she claimed.

The Telegraph has also seen an unrelated, separate fine issued to the same vehicle in August 2021, which was sent to the correct address – two months after the other fine sent to the wrong address for the same number plate.

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