Nomad’s 65W dual-port charger has an AirPods case footprint

Nomad is out with its most powerful GaN charger yet, the dual-port 65W AC Adapter. This charger can power up a MacBook and iPad or iPhone or a Google Pixel 6 and Chromebook with a super-compact footprint the size of an AirPods Pro charging case. Read on for more including hands-on details.

Nomad launched its new 65W AC Adapter made possible by GaN technology today. The release comes shortly after we found an Apple support document detailing the company’s own 35W USB-C dual-port charger. However, Nomad’s choice to go with 65W for its compact charger is much more useful than a dual-port with 35W that Apple may or may not bring to market.

Nomad’s 65W AC Adapter features a clean gray and black finish with foldable prongs to make it as compact as possible.

Either port offers the full 65W output when charging a single device and when charging two devices, the top port delivers 45W and the bottom supplies 20W.

I’ve been testing this charger out and it is wonderfully small and has a great build quality. It’s really convenient to have a charger this compact with dual ports from a reputable company.

As shown above, the 65W AC Adapter has an AirPods Pro case footprint (although it is thicker). And here’s how much smaller it is than Apple’s single-port 67W power adapter.

65W AC Adapter comparison

Along with being a perfect charger for Apple users with a MacBook, iPhone / iPad, etc., the 65W AC Adapter is of course valuable for a pair of any other USB-C devices.

Over in Google’s ecosystem, Nomad’s new charger is capable of powering the Pixel 6 series at its full 23W speeds, which could certainly be handy if you want to consolidate your charging situation while traveling with a Pixel and a Chromebook. The charger can also hit the full 45W speeds of the Galaxy S22 series while offering 20W for a second device.

The 65W AC Adapter is available and shipping now directly from Nomad priced at $ 69.95. Other options in the Nomad GaN lineup include the 20W and 30W chargers that are a fraction of the size of Apple’s comparable bricks.

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