Microsoft Store Sends Xbox Series X Bundle Invites to Customers

Microsoft Store sends its first Xbox Series X bundle invites batch for March!

Xbox Series X is sadly out of stock almost everywhere. After a very successful restock season in December and early January, it looked like scarcity could be a problem of the past.

At some point, Microsoft even started offering Xbox Series X bundles to the public instead of sending invites.

Unfortunately, this did not last long. Mid-January, Xbox Series X was entirely out of stock. Gamers once again have to rely on store restocks if they want to get a console.

Luckily for those interested in an Xbox Series X, Microsoft Store seems to be back to its January pacing, delivering constant console bundle email invites to its customers.

Xbox Series X Console


Microsoft Store Sent Its First March Xbox Series X Bundle Email Invites

Microsoft Store sent out today the first batch of Xbox Series X email invites of the month. This is the second time the retailer has sent invites in the last two weeks.

Those lucky gamers who received these invites will have the opportunity to purchase an Xbox Series X console directly from Microsoft.

Microsoft email usually invites gamers to build a personalized bundle, and this drop is no exception to the rule. Thus far, there is no option to get a stand-alone console.

In general, the bundle offering in Microsoft Store retails for around $ 585 and includes a game and an additional controller.

These restocks do not have a determined time window for customers to log in to complete a purchase. Microsoft instead opts for a first-come, first-served approach.

For this reason, Microsoft advises gamers to click the unique link on the email as soon as possible, as the stock might sell out at any moment.

If you did not receive a Microsoft Store invite this time, here is how you can register for a chance to get an Xbox Series X bundle email invite.

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If the Microsoft Store is not an option for you, some Xbox Series X restocks from other retailers possibly happening from February 28 – March 6.

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