Tesla Falls to Number 23 as Best Car Brand

Enthusiastic consumer interest in Tesla (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc Report is not enough to rank it as the Best Car Brand in the world or even the US Tesla fans love the company’s electric vehicles (EVs) but love does not translate to a high ranking when non-fanboy metrics get applied.

People, for example, love the McRib, but that does not make it a high-quality sandwich. The same might be said for so many other things and Tesla’s cars make that list.

Tesla’s ranking in Consumer Reports’ 2022 Best Car Brand survey fell seven positions from No. 16 in 2021 to 23 in a report released Thursday, the biggest decline among 32 automobile brands surveyed. The report said that Tesla’s decline was “due to the difficult-to-use yoke steering wheel the automaker added to its Model S and Model X vehicles, affecting their road test scores.”

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