Queensland’s clamping down on e-scooter ‘cowboys’. Here’s what you need to know

Queensland plans to halve the speed limit for e-scooters on footpaths to 12 kilometers per hour – about twice the typical walking speed – after pedestrians reported feeling unsafe.

People with disabilities, in particular, have complained about dizzying speeds and hazards posed by e-scooters strewn across footpaths.

The changes are meant to make e-scooters safer for everyone – but what do they mean for you?

What are the current rules, and what’s changing?

Right now, e-scooters for hire in Brisbane have a pre-set top speed of 25kph and that is the current speed limit for e-scooters on the road and on the footpath.

However, soon riders will have to slow down to 12kph on footpaths or risk a fine.

The government has not announced what the fine will be or how speed limits will be enforced. For that, they need to examine legislation.

What’s the problem?

Under current law, e-scooters are classified as mobility scooters, which gives them access to everywhere accessible by pedestrians.

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