OtterBox’s wireless charging battery has a swelling problem

OtterBox's wireless charging battery has a swelling problem

OtterBox is replacing OtterSpot wireless charging battery packs for free after identifying a swelling issue.

The OtterSpot wireless charging system is powered by a 36 W charging pad base that can be used for Qi wireless charging, and you can stack up to two 10 W, 5,000 mAH OtterSpot batteries on top to charge them for on-the-go use.

Two battery packs on top of the charging base.

Two battery packs on top of the charging base.

But you’ll want to double-check your battery packs’ serial numbers before using them.

About two and a half years after the OtterSpot was released, OtterBox is now saying that the battery packs can swell “under multi-stack and higher temperature conditions,” The Verge reported Thursday. OtterBox’s support page refers to the problem as a “component defect.”

An OtterBox representative told The Verge that the only units affected were made between July and August 2019, when the product was first released. The units have serial numbers starting with “229,” “259,” or “250.”

“If you purchased an OtterSpot battery within that serial number range, we recommend you discontinue use and contact our Customer Service Department at 1-855-688-7269 to arrange for a replacement battery at no cost to you,” OtterBox’s support page reads. It notes that “no injuries have been reported.”

OtterBox also told The Verge that it emailed customers who bought an OtterSpot during the relevant time period.

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