Joe Schoen: Giants have to make tough decisions to get under the salary cap

USA Today

New Giants General Manager Joe Schoen does not think he inherited an easy situation.

Based only on current contracts, the Giants would be over the salary cap at the start of the league year, even before they sign any free agents or make any draft picks. So Schoen has some moves he needs to make.

“First off, we have to get underneath [the cap]we have to make some tough decisions here in the near future just to get in a place where we can sign draft picks and be below the cap, ” Schoen said, via the New York Post. “There’s a fine line, because you can not purge.”

Still, Schoen indicated he does envision building an offense around Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, rather than tearing down the roster and rebuilding from scratch.

“I do not want to purge the roster, because we still want to find out what Daniel Jones can do, we want to find out what Saquon can do. We got some good pieces on defense. The fine balance, the fine line is cutting players that can really help you win but you also got to get under the salary cap, then you’re gonna have the draft picks, ”Schoen said.

The Giants have had five straight losing seasons, and there may not be a lot of patience for a long rebuilding effort. But it will not be easy to win right away when taking over a team that was 4-13 last season and now has to get over significant salary cap problems.

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