Bongino tells Americans what the ‘biggest crisis’ facing them is

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“Unfiltered” host Dan Bongino said Saturday that Americans are in the middle of a truth crisis and can not even trust their own government anymore.

DAN BONGINO: Folks, the biggest crisis facing us right now in America is the truth crisis – a truth crisis. Yes, we’re in a pandemic. Yes, there’s a crisis in Ukraine, no doubt. Yes, inflation’s terrible. But I’d argue to you the biggest crisis we face right now in this country is getting the truth. We can not trust the government anymore. Did you ever ask yourself, what is it we’m not being told? Folks, we’ve seen freedom take a massive hit in recent days and weeks. You watched it. In Canada, a little mini-dictator, Justin Trudeau, invoked the 1988 Emergencies Act to arrest peaceful trucker protests – even freezing the bank accounts of supporters.

But is this kind of tyrannical power-grab justified by the threat? Even when all Canadian air space was shut down on Sept. 11, 2001 – over a very real, by the way, national security threat – the Emergencies Act was not used. … Remember the 2015 cyber attacks in Canada? The group known as Anonymous claimed responsibility for taking down government websites, even affecting the Canadian Security Intelligence Service website. Yet, no [Emergencies Act] was used there. Then there were the shootings inside Canada’s Parliament in 2014, which left lawmakers barricaded inside their office buildings. So why not use the [Emergencies Act] for that?

So what’s the truth here? Do the actions of the trucker protest really vindicate the actions of Justin Trudeau attacking their civil liberties?


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