Who is on your wishlist Street Fighter 6 launch roster?

Put together your starting line up here

The Street Fighter community is counting down to the mysterious event slated to take place at the conclusion of this weekend’s Capcom Cup Finals exhibitions, and while we can not say for certain, most bets are on a Street Fighter 6 announcement.

As such, we’re considering Street Fighter 6 wish list launch rosters here on EventHubs, and even devoted our most recent episode of Talk and Block to constructing one of our own. The response from viewers made it clear that many of us are excited to share our opinions, and so we thought a poll where people could do so would be a fun idea.

Below you’ll find a list of 84 Street Fighter characters who have appeared in the main franchise titles created by Capcom. Since we’re hoping for a starting roster of around 20-25 characters, we’re giving everyone up to 20 votes.

Of course, we all expect some brand new characters to be developed for SF6, so let’s say we’re putting together a roster of 20 returners and 5 newcomers.

There are a few things to consider here before jumping into the process, the first of which is that organizing a base roster quickly evolves beyond “a list of your favorite characters.” Remember, you’ll want a decent sense of character type diversity as it’s easy to forget to acknowledge the types of fighters you do not normally use (grapplers, shotos, rush down, charge, etc.).

You also want to consider which fighters you may want to save for big time DLC releases in the future. Akuma, for example, is a Street Fighter mainstay who almost never pops up at the launch of a game. At the same time, would it substantially harm sales and overall image if a character like Ken were not on the base roster of Street Fighter 6?

Take some time and think about how you’d go about things here, then make your picks and share the details in the comments if you’d like.

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