Two toll highways near Toronto will soon be free of charge

People commuting from just east of Toronto might save some money on tolls this spring.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced on Friday that two highways in Durham Region – Highways 418 and 412 – would no longer be toll highways effective April 5. Ford said charging a toll on the highways has always been unfair.

“In fact, Highways 412 and for 418 are the only tolled north-south highways in Ontario is costly and unfair,” Ford said at a press conference. “Getting rid of these tolls will bring real tangible relief to the people of Durham and surrounding regions.”

When elected, Ford promised to remove the tolls on the two highways, yet he waited three and a half years to actually make it happen, one reporter noted.

“Some things do not happen overnight,” Ford responded.

Both highways provide faster access from Highway 407 to Highway 401 in Durham Region.

Highway 412 is in Whitby and Highway 418 is a bit farther east in Clarington.

The province noted that removing tolls will provide more travel options for local residents, relieve gridlock on local roads across Durham Region, and help improve economic competitiveness for local businesses.

Highway 407, which runs east-west, north of the city, is privately owned and operated by 407 ETR and will not be removing tolls.

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