Google pounces on second-gen Tensor chip development with Pixel 7 code names

A big cat theme this year, paired with another Samsung modem


It might still seem like Pixel 6 season, but those colors are soon to be old-hat. Hardware details for Google’s upcoming Pixel 7 series have started to leak, including a probable modem model number, hardware names for the anticipated Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro equivalents, and a couple of other fun tidbits.

Details were dug up by well-known Google Camera mod developer Cstark27 and published earlier today at 9to5Google, confirming the previously known “Cloudripper” GS201 chip expected to power this next generation of Pixels, while also indicating we might see an as-yet-unreleased “g5300b” Samsung modem powering the upcoming phones. For context, the current Pixel 6 and 6 Pro also make use of a Samsung 5123b modem and, of course, use the GS101 Tensor chipset.


Hardware code names for what are expected to be the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were also divulged, with us now expecting “Cheeta” and “Panther” to be the two upcoming phones.

These hardware code names aren’t heavily marketed or really user-facing, but they do represent another shift Google. Until the Pixel 6, Nexus and Pixel hardware code names going back over a decade to the Galaxy Nexus have been for aquatic animals like fish. The Pixel 6 series shifted that to birds, and now we’re on a pair of big cats, indicating a more regular change in theme might be typical going forward.

One last surprise was also dug up by 9to5, and that’s a more mysterious “Ravenclaw” hardware code name. That might seem like a Harry Potter-themed reference, but it could be similar to a portmanteau we’ve previously seen representing a device with a mish-mash of Pixel 6 (Raven) hardware and the upcoming Pixel 7 (cats -> claws) internals, similar to a “Whitefin” device spotted last year that represented a Pixel 5 body (Redfin) with a Tensor chipset (code named Whitechapel).

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